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Cost to Replace Contaminated Attic Insulation (Central New Jersey)

Eliminex Exterminators are Accredited Better Business A+
and are are NJ State Licensed and Insured by DEPE and Wildlife Control #97469A

Real Estate Certificate for Termite Inspection $145 for central NJ

Attic / Crawl Inspections for Mice and Squirrels Free for Central New Jersey (fee for a report)

Can get a free instant quote at



Angie's List and Better Business A+ Accredited


Middlesex - Monmouth - Somerset - Ocean - Mercer - Union - Essex - Hudson Counties

One Time treatments for General Insect Pests Come with a 30 Day Guarantee which you
have the option to upgrade to a 1 year warranty service plan

We also Provide Year Round Service for General Insect Pests and Rodents

Squirrel Trapping and Removal with Repairs comes with options of an extended 6 month and 1 year warranty

Mice Exterminating for an average size home we have a promotion providing a 90 day Guarantee with the option to also add exclusion and seal up providing an option for a 1 month warranty when adding a seal up exclusion option

Attic Cleanup Decontamination is also available after trapping for $2 per square foot (400 sf minimum)


STEP 1. Visual Inspection with Report to identify Rodent and Wildlife Issue inside the Attic and Crawlspace areas.

STEP 2. Visual Inspection of the Exterior Roof and Gutter Line to see access points by wildlife, birds, and bats into the Attic and Structure

STEP 3. - Write up the Best Plan to Cleanup and Install new Insulation with Wildlife Removal and Pest Proofing

Option for a discounted month to month warranty extension after our Standard 1-Year Warranty package for Wildlife and Insulation Guarantee


The Formosan subterranean termite is often nicknamed the super-termite because of its destructive habits.
This is because of the large size of its colonies, and the termites' ability to consume wood at a rapid rate. A single colony may contain several million individuals that forage up to 300 feet in soil. A mature Formosan
colony can consume as much as 13 ounces of wood a day and severely damage a structure in as little as three months. Because of its population size and foraging range, the presence of a colony poses serious threats to nearby structures. Once established, Formosan subterranean termites have never been eradicated from an area.


Subterranean Termite workers construct small hollow moist mud tunnels so termites can gain access to the structure for feeding on the wood and transport it back to the underground colony.
After swarming in the early and late spring and landing on the ground, the alates break off their wings and search for a mate.


Formosan subterranean termites infest a wide variety of structures (including boats and high-rise condominiums) and can damage trees. In the United States they are responsible for tremendous damage to property resulting in large treatment and repair costs.

Protect Your Home or Business from TERMITES

Eliminate any wood to ground contact. Portions of your house where wood comes into direct contact with moist dirt is a prime area for termite entry. Look at areas such as porches, or wooden posts placed in the ground. These types of areas attract and feed termites. Hire a licensed professional before your infestation is beyond your capacity to control. Termite Baiting, Termite Treatment, Termite Exterminating

The size and shape of an apple seed, bed bugs feed on blood
while their victims sleep. Their bites can raise angry, fiercely itching red welts and occasionally cause severe allergic reactions; but it is the psychosomatic trauma these tiny insects incite that makes bed bugs such an unwelcome pest.

Tough exoskeletons and a secretive nature makes it difficult to eradicate these easily spread insect pests. The bed bug experts at Eliminex Pest Control understand how upsetting a bed bug infestation can be to homeowners and the potential damage these bugs can inflict on business reputations. Bedbugs have now hit hotels and homes in every state. In fact, the bedbug population in the United States has increased by 500% in the past few years with New Jersey and New York being documented "hot spots" of activity.

Why are Bed Bugs now a problem in New Jersey?

Like lice and fleas, bed bugs have been human bedmates since they crawled out of bat and bird nests and into the beds of our ancient ancestors. After World War II, DDT effectively eliminated bed bugs in the U.S., but these blood-sucking pests continued to be a problem in other countries. When the environmentally hazardous effects of DDT were discovered and the insecticide was banned in the 1970s, bed bugs started creeping back into American beds, returning in the luggage of foreign travelers. Infestations are now common in all 50 states, but the New Jersey and New York City international gateway is the most heavily infested area in the U.S.


Bed bugs hide deep in tiny cracks and crevices in and near their victims' beds. Look for adult bugs, shed exoskeletons and telltale black fecal smears along the welts and tufts of mattresses, under the fabric covering box springs, behind headboards, along baseboards and under nightstand drawers.

Bed bugs may also harbor behind picture frames, under loose wallpaper and inside alarm clocks, iPods, TVs or lamps. When infestations are severe, bed bugs may be seen gathering on walls or ceilings near heating ducts and a ripe raspberry scent may be noticeable. Infestations in apartment buildings, hotels, schools and nursing homes are particularly difficult to control as bed bugs spread readily on clothing and cleaning carts and through ducts, wall voids and utility conduits.

What to do when you get Bed Bugs?

If bed bugs are suspected, immediately call the bed bug experts at Eliminex. People often confuse bed bugs with other insect pests and panic unnecessarily. Eliminex pest professionals can correctly identify Bed Bugs and provide proper treatment to eliminate the problem.
When bed bugs are present, many people make bed bug infestations worse by spraying household pesticides or dragging bedding through homes to the trash.

State Licensed Carpenter Ant, Pavement Ant, House Ant, Little Black Ant Exterminator (Central New Jersey)

Eliminex Exterminators are Accredited Better Business A+
Eliminex Exterminators are NJ State Licensed and Insured by DEPE and Wildlife Control #97469A

Real Estate Certificate for Termite Inspection $145 for central NJ

Can visit our termite website directly at


Average sized home for a Termite Treatment starts at $625
Can Add Free Installation 4 Termite Bait Stations by ADVANCE TBS if applicable
with 3 times a year Service and Monitoring for a fee to provide a year round termite warranty

Call to schedule and inspection 732-309-4209

One Time treatments for General Insect Pests Come with a 30 Day Guarantee which you
have the option to upgrade to a 1 year warranty service plan

We also Provide Year Round Service for General Insect Pests and Rodents

Squirrel Trapping and Removal with Repairs comes with options of a 6 month and 2 year warranty

Mice Exterminating for an average size home we have a promotion providing a 30 day Guarantee with the option to also add exclusion and seal up providing an option for a 6 month warranty

Attic Cleanup Decontamination is also available after trapping for $2 per square foot (400 sf minimum)

Call to schedule and inspection 732-640-5488

Bed Bug Treatment special we are promoting is the first room for $445 and each additional room for $175. Follow up treatments for bigger bed bug infestations are optional. Call for details

Serving Middlesex, Mercer, Somerset, Union, Monmouth, Essex, Ocean Counties

Squirrels are usually classified as a pest species due to their habits of living in houses. The most common complaints include the following:

Squirrels living in the attic
Squirrels living in the chimney
Squirrels chewing on woodwork
Squirrels stealing bird seed
Squirrels stuck inside the wall structures of homes


Eastern Grey squirrel adults average about 16 ounces in weight. They can supposedly live for up to ten years, but in the wild the life expectancy isn't more than 3-4 years. Squirrels produce about 2 litters per year which one is in the late summer, and one in the winter.
The female has a litter of 3-4 young after a 44 day gestation, and the young grow very quickly, and are weaned in about ten weeks.


Gray Squirrels are the most active in the morning and evening. Squirrels eat mostly nuts and seeds. They live in a variety of habitats, both forest and suburban or city areas. They establish home territories, and often communicate through chattering, scent, and flickering of their tail.


Gray Squirrels love to live in attics. They also love to chew, and will chew on houses or wires, ducts, pipes once inside an attic. People don't like the noises squirrels make running about above the ceiling or in the eaves, but its really the chewing that's the real problem. If squirrels chew on electrical wires in an attic, it can create a real potential fire hazard. Squirrels also bring in nesting material and leave urine and feces.


If it's just squirrels on the property, the best way is trapping and removal. If its squirrels in the attic, then all of the open holes and vulnerable areas through which they can enter should be sealed shut with a material that squirrels can't chew through, such as steel. The squirrels can then be trapped and removed, or excluded through the use of one-way exclusion doors and tunnels. One ways are a combination of Impenetrable Hardware Guage and PVC. Cannot get back in.

ELIMINEX Provides a Free Attic Inspection for Squirrels and Mice (Steel Guage, Flashing, Ridge Vent, Reinforced Fiberglass Black All weather Foam, Copper Mesh, 19 Guage 1 x 2 Hardware Cloth, Silicone Sealant, etc. We use all the Best Pro Wildlife Supplies) **LIMITED COUNTIES ONLY**

(not including Major Damage. Initial Inspection will determine if your home qualifies for this discount service. Includes Setup of One-Way Door(s) and trapping which could be separate fees based on agreement specifics)

(All Exterior Roof Trapping and Removal of Target Infesting Structure Squirrels and Standard Basic Exclusion Repairs Included ) **CENTRAL NJ COUNTIES**

Our warranty CAN BE EXTENDED MONTHLY AFTER YOUR SERVICE PLAN EXPIRES that covers necessary procedures based on seasonal changes and any necessary emergency trapping fees FOR FREE that may occur during the process during the agreement) Ask for References We have 100s of Satisfied SQUIRREL CUSTOMERS with this Type of Service!


Eastern Grey Squirrels commonly enter houses either by chewing holes along the facia or in dormer corners, or by entering any existing gaps 1-2 inches in diameter. Once inside they may chew on electrical wiring or phone lines, displace or pack down and soil insulation, and make noise with their activities. The best way to rid squirrel problems is to first remove the problem squirrels by trapping and relocating and then patching holes to prevent further problems. Trimming any trees away from the house is also a good idea.

Squirrels occasionally damage lawns by burying or searching for and digging up nuts . They will chew bark and clip twigs on ornamental trees or shrubbery planted in yards. Often squirrels take food at bird feeders. Sometimes they chew to enlarge openings of bird houses and they enter to eat nestling songbirds. Flying squirrels are small enough to enter most bird houses and are especially likely to eat nesting birds.

Different types of packages include (bed bugs, termites, carpenter ants, carpenter bees, yellow jackets, wasps, ants, mice, squirrels, spiders)

Subterranean termite control program
Carpenter ant elimination programs
Flea and Bedbug Control separate programs
Rodent (rat and mouse) extermination programs
Wood-destroying insect inspections ("termite inspections") for real estate transfers
Wood-destroying insect damage repairs (Middlesex County Only)
Commercial pest control (restaurants, grocery stores, offices, and other businesses)

Eliminex Carpenter Bee NJ, Ground Hornets Services NJ these areas in New Jersey Pest Control 732-640-5488 service areas by county include Pest Control Monmouth County NJ, Pest Control Ocean County NJ, Pest Control Middlesex County NJ, Pest Control Bergen County NJ, Pest Control Morris County NJ, Pest Control Mercer County NJ, Pest Control Somerset County NJ, Pest Control Union County NJ, Pest Control Burlington County NJ, Pest Control Sussex County NJ, Pest Control East Brunswick NJ and can be found by searching for Exterminators NJ 732-698-8387 or Exterminator NJ 732-698-8387

ELIMINEX is a EPA Certified and Fully Insured 19 - Year Family Run Pest Management Operation out of South River New Jersey and has a 2nd Branch in Sayreville New Jersey that just opened up in 2010 run by Certified Master Technician Derek Benson with over 20 years Pest Management experience in Commercial and Residential insect, rodent, and wildlife control. Eliminex has several experienced certified techs on hand to service your pest management needs. Our Fall and Winter Specials showcase our Specialized offers such as Squirrel, Bat, Rodent and Nuisance wildlife trapping and removal from attics and crawlspaces which Eliminex is Wildlife Control Certified and also Termite Damage Repairs. We also offer Bio-Hazard Clean up of Garages, Attics, Basements, and Crawlspaces to kill virus and rodent-borne disease pathogen agents that exist from years of accumulated waste from rodents and wildlife which includes vacuuming, sanitizing, and replacing insulation. Free Inspections are provided for every type of service including Bed Bugs, Termites, Squirrels, Rodents, Cockroaches, Ants, etc. Eliminex Offers a 1-time service good for 30 days for homeowners on a budget all the way up to a 1 -year guarantee using the most efficient and economical approach to a solution. We don't charge for wasted time on a learning curve because we know all the shortcuts towards fast results for every service we offer and can 100% guarantee your satisfaction. Real Estate Certification Inspections are a popular service offer because Eliminex can also evaluate visible termite damage and offer or refer a repair solution. Agreements for specific pest problems all come with a written guarantee. Many recent references and testimonials are available upon request including bed bug preparation sheet and Consumer Information Product Usage Sheet can also be faxed, emailed, or presented at the time of service or inspection. Eliminex can easily be found on your local Google Maps Section searches for many needed specialty services such as Squirrels, Bed Bugs, Mice, Rats and Rodent Control, Bees, Wasps, Carpenter Bees, Yellow Jackets, Ants, Carpenter Ants, Subterranean Termites, Ticks, Fleas, Spiders, Centipedes, Silverfish. Eliminex has over 1000 successful bed bug treatments all over Central New Jersey which the majority of bed bug problems have been eradicated within 2 treatments. Eliminex offers an optional extended 6 - month guarantee for bed bug services at a substantial discounted rate. We charge for what we feel gets the job done right and found out our prices are remarkably lower than comparable competitor treatment price offers.

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Eliminex Master Technicians have up to 20 years field experience with conducting Termite Inspections, Bed Bug Removal, Rodent Removal NJ, Extermination NJ, Spraying for Carpenter Ants NJ, Carpenter Bees, Yellow Jackets NJ, Bald Faced Hornets NJ, Millipede, Earwig, Fleas, Silverfish, Ticks, Wasps, Carpet Beetles, Pill Bug, Stink Bug NJ, Ants, Termites NJ, Bed Bugs NJ & Animal Extraction and Exclusion of Squirrels, Installing One Ways and Trapping of Squirrels, Bats, Small Brown Bat, Big Brown Bats NJ, Raccoons, and more. Termite and Bed Bug Specialist for New Jersey includes Avenel NJ, Pest Control Manville NJ, Pest Control Cliffwood NJ, Pest Control Colonia NJ, Pest Control Cranbury NJ, Pest Control Dayton NJ, Pest Control Dunellen NJ, Pest Control Fords NJ, Pest Control Helmetta NJ, Pest Control Jamesburg NJ, Pest Control Franklin NJ, Pest Control Morganville NJ, Pest Control Middlesex NJ, Pest Control Monmouth Junction NJ, Pest Control Princeton NJ, Pest Control Parlin NJ, Pest Control Perth Amboy NJ, Pest Control Piscataway NJ, Pest Control Plainsboro NJ, Pest Control Port Reading NJ, Pest Control Sayreville NJ, Pest Control Sewaren NJ, Pest Control South Amboy NJ, Pest Control Carteret NJ, Pest Control South Plainfield NJ, Pest Control Belle Mead

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